21 Day Challenge

January 6, 2017 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 06

“But you, lazybones, how long will you sleep? When will you wake up? A little extra sleep, a little folding of the hands to rest – then poverty will pounce on you like a bandit; scarcity will attack you like armed robber.”

This is the sixth day of this new year. You may have made some New Years resolutions a week ago and are now struggling to keep them. I want to challenge you to go on a 21 Day Challenge with me. For the next 21 days choose one habit or activity you would like to include in your daily routine that doesn’t presently exist. It could be reading a chapter of Proverbs a day, spending 30 minutes in prayer, exercising, writing an encouraging note to someone each day, calling three new prospects for your business or another positive habit.

Now how does the 21 Day Challenge fit into this proverb? Good question! This proverb explains very clearly what happens when we spend time on things we don’t need, that don’t prepare us for the future. Sleep is important for a healthy body and life but extra sleep is time spent that could have been used to enhance your future. Instead of extra sleep in your life it might be the amount of time you spend on social media, watching movies/shows, or surfing the net. Once you have spent that time, it can not be used to increase your wealth.

Wealth is not just money in the bank. There is spiritual wealth which is your relationship with God. There is relational wealth which is the result of energy and time being put into those close to you. There is mental wealth which is increased knowledge and understanding so that you can be more effective in your work. You can probably come up with other types of wealth as well.

I have observed that some Christians have spent very little time developing their relationship with God other than on a surface level or what they pick up from going to church. It is like the lazybones in the proverb. They get busy doing other things which can even be good but it keeps them from doing what is best. Then crises of life come up like bandits and they don’t have the relationship with God that would sustain them and defend them. Sometimes they don’t even think about running to God and His word for direction.

So are you in for the 21 Day Challenge? Take time with the Lord to consider what habit or activity you are going to embark on starting today. If you want an extra level of accountability, send me an e-mail at steve@kingdombuilding.ca and let me know what your 21 Day Challenge is going to be!

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