Attitude of Work

June 10, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 10

“Lazy people are soon poor; hard workers get rich.”

I have worked with several people and families who have found themselves poor but through planning, being diligent and careful with their time/money have turned things around. They have worked hard changing habits, getting rid of debt, and building for the future. Sometimes they have had to give up things that are dear to them.

One family, which I am so proud of today, when they came to see me were in very dire straights. In fact I am not sure they really realize how bad it was. During one of the sessions I remember having to tell the husband that he had to give up the right to have money or spending money for the next six months as he learned some lessons. If he had money in his pocket he had to spend it. His wife was given the responsibility to hold and manage their money, which she greatly appreciated. Living off an agreed upon budget, saving for emergencies, and taking advantage of opportunities, along with a change of a poverty attitude has moved them out of poverty. They are now doing quite well for themselves. Was it easy for them? No they had to work hard but today they reap the benefits.

Right from the beginning of time, God made men and women to work. Work is not evil or something to be avoided, although if there is an easier way to do something and is just as effective I would recommend doing it. Adam and Eve were assigned to look after the garden they lived in that God made. That was their work. Once sin entered the world, work became a little more difficult.

Take a few minutes and consider what your attitude is towards work. Does it line up with how God views work? Ask Him to help you have a right attitude and understanding of work in your life.


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