Be a Refresher

February 25, 2017 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 25

“Trustworthy messengers refresh like snow in summer. They revive the spirit of their employer.”

Years ago my wife and I were in Russia helping at a youth camp. Being out in a rural area we were not sure if the water was safe to drink. Therefore we would boil the water that we drank. In the evening we would heat up the water and then put it in a container for the next day. By morning the water had cooled but still was lukewarm. It provided the fluids we needed. We longed for a nice cold drink. The temperature outside would get up to 30 degrees or more during the day and cool down to about 25 degrees in the evening. Running around outside with teenagers meant that we drank lots of water. One day, one of our co-workers found a small fridge that we could use. What excitement it was for us. Each evening after boiling water we would put it in the fridge to cool. What a treat it was to have a nice cool drink of water in the middle of the hot day. It gave us a boost of energy to keep going.

Kingdom builders are like that cold refreshing drink since they are called to carry the message of the King to others. Therefore it is important that the message that is delivered has not been altered but is pure and accurate. The King is very pleased when His words arrive as He desires. The King of kings has called each one of us to be “trustworthy messengers” who deliver His message every day through actions and words. But before a message is carried it first needs to be heard and understood by the messenger. Messengers that refresh need to be good listeners of the King.

As a messenger of the King of kings, take time to listen to Him this day understanding that He has set up appointments for you, whether it be a friend or a workmate, for you to pass on His message that He loves them. Every time I meet with someone or a group of people I first ask the Lord, “What gift do you want me to give to them from you?” This puts my heart in tune to expect God to provide through me for them.

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