July 11, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 11

“The godly are directed by honesty, the wicked fall beneath their load of sin.”

When a person is honest in everything they say and do they never have to worry about trying to cover their tracks. Their “Yes” is “Yes” and their “No” is “No”. They don’t carry the burden of trying to remember what they’ve said so as to not get caught telling a lie. The godly build a reputation of honesty.

A small sin like a lie usually ends up requiring a cover up which is a bigger lie which then needs a bigger cover up which is a bigger lie which …you get the picture. It is easy to see how quickly sin can pile up and create a smothering load on a person. At the same time others see right through the shenanigans and start to question if the person or business is trustworthy.

When a godly person makes a mistake, they will quickly correct it with God’s guidance and help. A godly person is relying on God’s strength, direction and power not on their own. When a person tries to fix a mistake with their own ability and strength, they will tend to resort to their sinful nature. Remember Adam and Eve, how they covered themselves with fig leaves, hid from God and then made excuses (played the blame game)? Did they act godly?

When we rely on God to help us and obey His Word we will be “directed by honesty” because He is honest, perfect, and always right. He enjoys leading His people along the best pathway for their lives (Psalm 32:8).

Be led by God by inviting him into every decision, issue, opportunity, and conversation. Then see how this leads to honest living.

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