Bold as a Lion

April 28, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 28

“The wicked run away when no one is chasing them, but the godly are as bold as a lion.”

This verse reminds me of Jonathan and his armor bearer in 1 Samuel 14 where he decides to go over to the Philistine outpost and attack them. Jonathan was as bold as a lion in doing this but understood clearly that His God was the one who would give victory. It says in verse 6, “Let’s go across to the outpost of those pagans,” Jonathan said to his armor bearer. “Perhaps the LORD will help us, for nothing can hinder the LORD. He can win a battle whether he has many warriors or only a few!”

Further down in the story after Jonathan and his armor bearer attacked with success it says in verse 15, “Suddenly, panic broke out in the Philistine army, both in the camp and in the field, including even the outposts and raiding parties. And just then an earthquake struck, and everyone was terrified.”

What was the difference? On one hand you had two godly people who were ill equipped with weapons but had God on their side and were bold. On the other, a vast army who controlled the weapons in the region but did not honor God. They panicked and ran in fear of God.

Today, be bold in the Lord as you take the ground He is calling you to take. Stay close to Him but move out of the comfort of the camp with someone else who is of like mind. See what He wants to do through you.

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