Coin Toss

February 18, 2017 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 18

“Flipping a coin can end arguments; it settles disputes between powerful opponents.”

Generally today we do not cast lots when making decisions as was the custom in the Old Testament where they would choose which goat would go free and which goat would be sacrificed (Leviticus 16:8), which priest would have which duties to perform (1 Chronicles 24), or how the land was to be divided up when the children of Israel entered the promised land (Numbers 26:52-56).

In the New Testament there is only one reference to Christians casting lots and that was while the disciples were waiting for the Holy Spirit to come (Acts 1). They had been praying together and Peter brought scripture passages to the group from Psalm 69:25 and Psalm 109:8 that led them to the decision to add another leader as a replacement for Judas. They had strict guidelines or qualifications for this position. Two men were identified as fitting the requirements. They didn’t vote on them but instead went to prayer. They declared before the Lord that they desired to add the one He had chosen. It was not until they, the whole group, had submitted themselves to God that they cast lots and Matthias was added.

The illustrations above deal with specific decisions that needed to be made. Compared them to the powerful opponents in this proverb. Here two strong-willed people who seem to have their egos attached to their argument were ready to battle it out. Either of them could potentially win but probably both would be hurt through the process. Wisdom here counsels them that they should just flip a coin and leave the matter to rest. Both could then leave the argument arena without having their egos boosted or deflated. It would seem that neither party had taken the time to humble themselves before God nor even thought about desiring God’s choice in the matter.

It is interesting to note that it was out of prayer and meditating on scripture that Peter and the other disciples came to the conclusion they needed to replace Judas. It was not someone’s idea but rather they were trying to obey and fulfill scripture. They had one desire and that was to choose the person God wanted.

Let me encourage you to meditate on the Word and spend time praying to God especially when making decisions. Humble yourself before Him and let Him know you desire His choice in the decision. He then will guide you and protect you in making the right choice.

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