Collecting Wisdom

April 25, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 25

“These are more proverbs of Solomon, collected by the advisers of King Hezekiah of Judah.”

At first glance, this verse may seem to have very little wisdom in it but a deeper look at it reminds us that the wisdom we collect will help others. Note that the advisers, the ones who would give guidance to the King, were the ones who collected the proverbs or wisdom. As they gathered wisdom then their advice would be better.

Ecclesiastes 12:9-10 brings this out further from the perspective of a teacher:

“Keep this in mind: The Teacher was considered wise, and he taught the people everything he knew. He listened carefully to many proverbs, studying and classifying them. The Teacher sought to find just the right words to express truths clearly.”

Note that the teacher could only teach what he knew. He also valued proverbs/wisdom which is demonstrated by him studying them and saving them for future use. Then he desired to use that wisdom/truth in a way that would be clearly understood and used.

How, as a Kingdom builder, are you saving the wisdom you are receiving from God? Although the wisdom is for you, it is also for you to pass on in a clear way to those around you whether they be employee’s, partners, or those you serve. Ask the Lord today to help you steward well the wisdom He is giving you.

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