Don’t Cause Trouble

December 10, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 10

“People who wink at wrong cause trouble, but a bold reproof promotes peace.”

One of my sons (actually all of them) enjoy pulling good practical jokes on other people. One in particular has a way of masterminding them and having other people do the work so that he doesn’t get caught. When a joke was pulled on one of his teachers, all of the kids were caught in the act and then the teacher said to my son, “I know you were involved somehow even though I didn’t catch you!”

It is important to recognize that there are people, who themselves may not carry out the wrong action, but rather plan, organize and finance those who do. They are the ones who give ‘the nod of the head’ or ‘the wink of the eye’ that puts into action their evil schemes. They work from behind the scenes causing trouble.

A bold, private face to face meeting, calling them out on their actions often moves them towards peace as they realize that their secret plans are not so secret. They start to see that they are and will be held accountable for their actions. When confronted privately, the perpetrate has the opportunity to repent and resolve to do what is right. They will sense that someone is willing to help them.

In the Old Testament there were a few times when one of God’s prophets had to go to a leader and boldly speak a reproof. This was not always easy for the prophets. There were times when the leaders heard and repented and other times they did not.

Jonah was called to go to Nineveh and give a bold message to the people and the king. Although, Jonah did everything to stay away he eventually went grudgingly. He knew that if he gave the message to his enemies, those from Nineveh, they would probably repent and God would show His grace to them. This is not what Jonah wanted. He wanted God to destroy them. Jonah finally obeyed, the people repented, and there was peace for the city.

There are times when God calls you to boldly reproof someone so that there is peace. This needs to be done in a spirit of love with the goal to see redemption take place not judgment. If you find yourself in such a situation, first ask God for his guidance and leading.

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