Don’t Over Stay Your Welcome

October 25, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 25

“Don’t visit your neighbors too often, or you will wear out your welcome.”

I enjoy having people over to our house and I enjoy visiting others in their homes as well. When my wife and I are out together visiting, she has a keen understanding of when it is time to finish the visit off and head home. She is sensitive to know when we should leave so we don’t wear out our welcome. This is a good thing because I tend to keep on engaging in conversation. (She has her way of nonverbally communicating with me that it is time to go).

We have experienced times when people have come to visit and have not understood when they should be leaving. Even subtle hints are given and those are not picked up. Finally we have had to say that we need to head off to bed as we work in the morning. That usually will get them moving but… sometimes they still try to keep talking.

Visiting neighbors and friends is only one side of the equation. The other side is inviting them over to your place and hosting them as well. People who give also like to receive. Friendship is based on both giving and receiving. So if you find yourself frequently being invited over to a person’s house, don’t forget to invite them to yours.

Also understand that for some families, having people just “drop in” is fine and even appreciated but there are other families who expect and need advance warning. Those who like time to prepare may need several days or even weeks.

Growing up, my siblings and I knew that we needed to give my mom at least 25 minute notice before bringing friends over if we wanted fresh cinnamon buns to serve. If not then there would not be any food ready to serve. Other families I knew required planning to be done several days in advance.

In just over a month the Christmas Season will be upon us. It is a great time to visit friends and families. This year, why don’t you consider hosting some of your family and friends at your place? Plan now so that everyone is comfortable and you are able to get things prepared.

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