Don’t Procrastinate Help

December 3, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 3

“If you can help your neighbor now, don’t say, ‘Come back tomorrow, and then I’ll help you.’”

Just before supper the other day a neighbor of ours called us and asked if we had an extra cup of rice that they could have because they had run out. One of the great things about having good neighbours is that we can help each other out. There are times when we are cooking and we are missing one ingredient. Instead of stopping and running out to the store for one item we call our neighbours to see if we can borrow some of theirs. How foolish and rude it would be for us to ignore the request of our neighbour. Next time we are in need how could we go to them with a good conscience and ask for help?

How does God often help us? It is usually through other people who are willing. God has invited us to be part of His story by helping others. Everything that we have is because God has given it to us. You might say that you have worked hard for what you have, why should I share it with others? Who gave you the strength, the ability and opportunity to have what you have? Was it not God? You may not have recognized it but God is the source of all good things. He has given different gifts to each one of us so that we can help each other and bring glory to God.

Today as I was out shopping and had just put the groceries from the shopping cart into the back of our vehicle, I noticed that the lady beside me had just finished loading her vehicle as well. She was a senior and seemed to be struggling. I asked her if she would like me to take her shopping cart back for her as I was taking mine back. She was so appreciative and you could see by the expression on her face that this was a big help to her. For me, I was heading that direction with my cart so it really was not a hardship for me. I could have just ignored her but I would have missed out on the blessing of blessing someone else.

Each time God gives you the opportunity to help your neighbours, friends or family take immediate advantage of it. Don’t make excuses or ignore them but rather enjoy blessing them. This is living God’s wisdom out.

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