Don’t Stray

May 27, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 27

“A person who strays from home is like a bird that strays from its nest.”

Last spring we watched as two robins chose to make their family nest in our peach tree which was right up against our southern facing outside wall. They chose a place that was high enough off the ground that cats could not get at it and hidden enough that other predatory birds could not find it. We watched as the two birds brought grass and mud up to the branch and form the nest. Then soon there was eggs in the nest and there was almost always one of the parents sitting in the nest. It was incredible to see how cautious they were in leaving and returning to the nest. They would rarely fly directly to the nest. They would first stop and make sure there was no other birds watching them. Then they would fly in. When flying out they would fly away from the nest but not in a straight line. Eventually we watched as the chicks hatched and took their first flight.

If the parents of these chicks at any point choose to abandon their responsibilities, start a new nest with eggs, or just hang out with the other robins it would have been devastating to them. If one of the chicks decided that they were going to “explore the world” before they could fly, they would probably quickly be the dinner of a cat, owl, or other predatory animal. The parent robins would be upset, and the other chicks would be without a sibling.

Now the rest of the story… The day the chicks took their first flight, was not the most successful. As they launched off the nest these chicks ended up quickly landing on the ground. But there was also an owl around. The two parent robins harassed it by dive bombing it, yelling at it, and tantalizing it so that the little chicks could hide in the under brush. The parents could have just left the chicks at that point saying, “well they have left the nest so now they are on their own” but they didn’t. With the new independence the chicks had brought other dangers that they still needed protection. It was not long before the chicks were able to fly well.

Today, as you talk with God ask Him if there is anything in you that is straying away from others (or Him) that you need help correcting. Then commit it to Him and consider what the next step for you is.

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