Enthusiasm Without Knowledge

April 19, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 19

“Enthusiasm without knowledge is not good; haste makes mistakes”

Years ago I would train camp staff before the summer season. One activity that I would lead them through as a team building activity was called “the Spiders Web.” I would tell the group of 8-10 people a short story about this big hairy spider that lived up in the tree that was asleep but would be woken if the web (Made out of string and attached between two trees) was touched and come down and eat all of them. Their challenge was to get everyone through the web without touching it using a different hole for each person. There would be much excitement and they would often start doing the activity without thinking. Quickly they would run into problems and have to stop and think things through. It was important that they knew who was going to go through which hole and who was going to be going through first and last. Eventually they would get the challenge but it wasn’t because of enthusiasm but of knowledge and agreement between them. Going slow and using the knowledge of who was going to do what, when, and how was the key.

As Kingdom builders it is not wrong to have enthusiasm but it is critical that we act on knowledge and not be too hasty. This is not an excuse to be slow in obeying what God has called us to do. It does mean that we need to ask God to give us the understanding and knowledge to fulfill the task He has given us to do. He will provide absolutely everything we need to complete the assignment He has given to us, we just need to ask.

If there is an assignment God has given you to do, why not take a few minutes and talk to Him asking for what you need.

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