Family Goal Setting Tips

May 29, 2016 Mentoring

A few years into marriage, and before we had children, my wife and I decided to get away and spend some time working on our goals. We have followed similar steps since then and always found it helpful. You may have your own way of developing goals for you and your family but this is how we went about it.

As a Christian couple it was important to us that we knew God was leading us in this process. We did not want to come up with goals that were selfish but ones that honored the Lord. Therefore, we spent time praying about it asking Him to lead us. We knew He has the best plan for our lives (Psalm 32:8). We believed that just like it says in Psalm 37:4 “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart”, God wanted to lead and give us our hearts desires.

We each pulled out several pieces of paper and separately wrote out in point form what we wanted. Our goal was to each write out 50 potential goals that were measurable. We did not want to rush this so we gave each other plenty of time to complete this step. Some of the goals were personal development goals, others were children focused, couple focused and family focused.

Once we each had our lists, we went through and compared them to identified duplicates. These we highlighted as they seemed important to both of us. We also crossed out any that we didn’t really see as important.

Next we took 4 fresh sheets of paper out and on the top of them wrote 1 Year Goals, 3 Year Goals, 5 Year Goals and 10 Year Goals. We then started to discuss. We determined when we wanted to accomplish each goal and then recorded it on the appropriate sheet. This was a great communication tool as we shared how urgent (or not) each goal was. We also ended up eliminating some through this process as we determined they were not worth the effort. After having a draft copy of the 1, 3, 5, 10 year goals we set them aside for a few hours and just enjoyed each other.

When we returned to the goals we had fresh eyes to review and make changes. I think we also realized that we missed one or two that we wanted and included them at this point.

A year later is was amazing how many of not only the 1 year goals had been accomplished but also some of the 3 & 5 year goals were fulfilled or well on their way. We then made some further adjustments to the list

I encourage you and your spouse to take time to prayerfully set goals. Why not make a special goal setting weekend where the two of you get away to a place you can relax and take the time to hear from God. You could even make this an annual event!

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