Fountain of Blessing

August 5, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 5

“Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you. Rejoice in the wife of your youth.”

Do you realize that God’s desire for those who are married is that their relationship with their spouse would bring much joy and blessing? The word “fountain” used here gives the understanding that blessing should be continually flowing and enjoyed. A fountain that does not have water pouring out of it is dysfunctional and needs to be repaired, restored and restarted.

The three letter word “let” is also key in this proverb. You have to be willing, open and ready to receive the blessing your spouse is. Imagine a carefully crafted fountain with water spraying out in perfect patterns and instead of you looking at it with joy you choose to turn your back and look at a dry, dusty dirt hill. Why wouldn’t you enjoy what you have?

The word “rejoice” here gives the sense of choosing to focus on your spouse. If you were married young, you have probably walked together through some good times and challenging times. Each of these times can strengthen your relationship with each other.

I remember thinking in our first year of marriage that it was great. By the time our second year had come to a close I could hardly believe how it was even possible to be better. Each year our marriage has become better and better. Have we gone through tough times? Yes. Have we agreed on everything? No. Is it work sometimes? Yes. But we have been committed to work things out. We have chosen to enjoy each other, bless each other and grow together.

If you are married, take time to pray for your spouse asking God to help you be a fountain of blessing. If you are not married, commit to the Lord that if and when you do find a person to marry that you will choose to be a fountain of blessing to them and that you will receive them as a fountain of blessing.

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