Glory of the Young and Splendor of the Old

March 20, 2017 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 20

“The glory of the young is their strength; the gray hair of experience is the splendor of the old”

There are positives to being young and there are positives to being old. But when the younger and older complement each other, great things can be done that neither of them could accomplish alone. Generally the young have the energy, strength and ideas while the older have the wisdom, experience and knowledge. The two fit together well like a puzzle.

A healthy community needs to have a good mix of younger people and older people. This sometimes requires patience and understanding between each group as well as having a heart to learn. I have watched as older and younger worship bands come together to learn from each other and serve together. They each bring their positives to support each other. What a beautiful example of truly worshiping God.

Young people teaching alongside older people in children’s ministry bring an exciting dynamic. As the older person tells a Bible story with enthusiasm, the younger person is able to do high energy activities with the kids.

At a particular girls camp there was an older lady in her late 80’s who came each year and would sit out on the deck. Due to not being able to walk she would sit in her wheel chair and share the love of Jesus with the girls who came to sit with her. Even though she could not go swimming with them, play games with them or even go on a walk with them, she had a very valuable ministry. There were also times when the cabin counselors would sit with her to glean the wisdom she had from the Bible. Her role at the camp was a great support to all who were there.

At that same camp, the younger staff put together a high energy program that kept the girls actively involved and enjoying their time. These staff would go the extra mile including staying up late to plan the next fresh and exciting day so that the camper would know that they were loved. The older lady, although going to bed early, each day encouraged the younger staff.

Each of us need to complete the picture God has designed. Without the other age group the picture is not complete. The two are required to fit together in unity so that something beautiful, strong and wise comes forth.

Take time to consider how you are engaged with others who are younger or older than you. Do you see them as a necessary nuisance or part of God’s plan for glory and splendor!

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