God’s Guidance

January 2, 2017 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 2

“For the Lord grants wisdom!…Then you will understand what is right, just and fair, and you will find the right way to go.”

Without having a clear belief and understanding that all true wisdom comes from God, it is impossible to receive the full benefits His wisdom gives. Without it, the determination of what is right, just and fair is greatly distorted by unreliable feelings, societies political correctness whims, and short-sighted arguments that leave God out of the picture.

One of the courses I took in a secular college years ago required the students write their personal philosophy of life, look at how it was developed and who influenced it. In class there were some great discussions as students wrestled with the assignment. The prevailing thought was that there was not a right or wrong philosophy of life. On the surface, this sounded reasonable but once hard questions are asked, this thinking quickly falls apart. My philosophy of life, although heavily influenced by my parents, was based on God and His Word. That was foundational to my arguments. God’s wisdom trumps any other philosophy of life.

Most of the class was willing to accept my philosophy of life as fine for myself, although they would disagree with it and feel I was narrow minded. Most of them would not accept the Bible and the God of the Bible as being true and having authority in one’s life, although they did believe in a higher power. Their philosophy of life fit in with what everyone else believed based on their own feelings. They felt that what was wrong for one person may be right for another.

One day I asked them the question, “is it right to murder a person?” Of course everyone said “no it is not.” I then took their argument of no absolute right or wrong and asked, “why is it wrong to murder if someone thinks it is right? What right do you have to tell someone else that it is wrong?” The response was, “everyone believes it is wrong to murder.” I then asked, “So why in some cultures in the past, was murder seen as acceptable?” There was not much of an answer given as it started to challenge their thinking.

God has given us His wisdom so that we have a solid foundation to build our life philosophy knowing what is right, just, and fair. Without God’s wisdom we are truly trying to build our life on sinking sand. It may look good on the surface but falls apart when life’s challenges come and we need guidance.

Take time today to thank God for giving us wisdom through His Word. Ask Him to lead and guide you this day.

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