God’s Standards

October 16, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 16

“The Lord demands accurate scales and balance; he sets the standards for fairness.”

Have you ever heard someone respond to a situation by saying, “That’s not fair!”? From your perspective it seems fine and right. Why is there a discrepancy between how you see the situation and how the other person sees it? Could it be there is a different basis of evaluation?

There is a tendency to set our standard of fairness based on what we feel is best for us. Consider the negotiations between a corporation and a union. Both of them want the best for their side and often vilify the other side. Terms like, “It’s not fair,” or “They are bullying” are spoken during tense times. So who decides what is “fair”? God cares about the workplace, the business and how negotiations are settled. God sets the standard and requires that His Word be followed. There are consequences when they are not. It is our responsibility to seek Him and His wisdom so that we know what He requires.

If you work for a person or a company, it is important that you put in the appropriate time and effort that you have been hired for. Cutting out early, playing on your computer during work hours or taking unapproved breaks is not being fair.

For those who own their own business and have employees it is important that you are fair with them as well. Your employees should be treated with fairness understanding that God has allowed you to lead them for His honor and glory. Anything short of that is not being fair with them. If you are selling product to customers and clients, God expects that you will be honest in your advertising and that the measurement used for your product is accurate.

If you are retired, are you using the gifts God has given you to the fullest He has called you to?

As you consider what this proverb means in your life, realize that God is watching over how you deal with people every moment of the day. He wants to help you obtain the standard of fairness He has set. Will you allow Him to help you do that? Tell Him that you want Him to help you to be fair always.

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