Good Friends

June 1, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 1

“My child, if sinners entice you, turn your back on them.”

Does the term, “I triple dog dare you” bring back any memories for you even though we are just coming into summer? In the 1983 movie, A Christmas Story, Flick is dared by Scott to stick his tongue to a frozen flag pole. He feels he has to do it to maintain his tough image. Of course as soon as he does it his tongue freezes to the flag pole, the school bell rings and he is left out in the cold, literally.

We know that sticking one’s tongue to a frozen metal object is not wise but following wisdom would also not get us anywhere near the pole in the first place. When Flick was first dared, he should have turned his back and removed himself from the situation. Staying with those kids was driving him towards doing something unwise. Now I realize “it is just a movie,” as we say in our family, but it illustrates well the importance of turning away sooner rather than later from unwise temptations. Flick needed a good friend who would challenge him to do something wise and good rather than enticed to so something unwise by the crowd of kids around him.

Following the crowd often gets one into trouble. Although we live in a democratic society, which I am thankful for, I am reminded that a decision by the majority does not make that decision right, it is just a democratic decision. This is why it is important that we associate with good friends who will not tempt, entice, or seduce us into something unwise but rather encourage us to be all that God desires us to be.

Kingdom builders never entice others to do unwise things but rather encourage people to be part of Gods Kingdom and His Wisdom.

Take time to consider who your good friends are and who may need a good friend today. Ask God to show you how to be a good friend to those around you. You may want to take time to pray through the prayer Jesus taught his disciples found in Matthew 6. Part of it says, “And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.” Consider what that means for you.

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