Good Morning World

December 27, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 27

“A loud and cheerful greeting early in the morning will be taken as a curse.”

Early in our married life we were involved in a couple’s evening where we played games. One of the games involved asking the guys which animal they believed they were first thing in the morning. Then their wife was asked which animal their husband was first thing in the morning. Both secretly wrote on a piece of paper their answer. When it was my turn to answer I said I was a chirpy bird excited about the day. My wife answered that I was more like a bear coming out of hibernation! Those seem to be pretty extreme opposite answers reflecting on the same person. I have to admit that before I have my shower in the morning I am quiet and moving slowly. And she admits that once I have had my shower I am much more like a chirpy bird!

I have found that I need to be careful in the morning and tone down my voice when I greet people as they may not be ready for such a greeting. Even though I am coming from the perspective of “the day has begun! Lets role in high gear! We have places to go and people to meet! Time is of the essence!” I still need to be sensitive to those around me. The expression of my enthusiasm and excitement needs to be tempered so that my intent is able to be received.

Have you ever been asleep in a dark room and all of a sudden someone turns on the bright lights and you have to cover your eyes because they are not use to it yet? Being too loud and upbeat first thing in the morning can cause the same effect to those who may not have had their coffee (or shower) yet!
We need to be careful, and think of others.

On the other hand, for those who are not morning people, they also need to respect those who are eager to get going. Slowing them down and projecting doom and gloom over the day is not helpful to anyone. We are called to encourage one another no matter if we are a ‘bear’ or a ‘bird’ in the morning. Understanding each other and their needs will go along way to appropriately encourage one another.

Take time to consider what type of person you are in the morning and how people see you. If you want to be daring, ask someone close to you what animal they think you represent first thing in the morning. You may be surprised as I was. That information may help you to be more sensitive and able to say “Good Morning World” more effectively.

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