Greed Trap

March 1, 2017 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 01

“Such is the fate of all who are greedy for money; it robs them of life.”

If you have ever set out a trap to catch mice or rats you know that you put the trap where they will find it and bait it with something you know will draw them to it (peanut butter works well!). One thing you don’t do is put up a sign beside it in mouse or rat language saying, “Beware, this will steal your life!” The whole purpose of the trap is to catch the intended recipient of guard.

The “greed” trap is set where people can find it easily. It is baited with the lie that more money will make them happier as they live the life of luxury. They can spend years chasing after money only to find that in the end it doesn’t bring happiness and they missed out on a whole life of happiness.

I have talked with many people who have gone on short term mission trips to poor areas of this world. One of the responses they often share is that they are amazed how, although the people had very little, they seemed so happy. These short term missionaries were realizing that having more does not make you necessarily happier.

You may remember the 1980 movie called, “The Gods Must Be Crazy” where an African tribe is living a happy life until they find a Coke bottle that had been tossed out of an airplane. As everyone in the tribe fights over this new found object, the peace they had disappears. They had been caught in the greed trap. Fortunately, one of the tribe leaders sees what is going on and decides to take the bottle and get rid of it by giving it back to the gods. He had had enough of this new object robbing them all of peace.

Realizing that the greed trap is set out in such a way that it is attractive and easily finds its prey, we need to be on our guard not to go anywhere near it. It may seem harmless, desirable, and even helpful but it still will rob us of life. Take time with the Lord asking Him if there is any greed in your heart that is or will rob you. The thief comes to steal life but Jesus came to give life!

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