May 26, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 26

“An employer who hires a fool or a bystander is like an archer who shoots at random.”

My preference when hiring staff has been to choose those that I already know their character, abilities, and attitude. Several times I have received incredible resume’s but once further research was done it became clear they were not a good fit.

One of those resume’s had ten reference letters attached to it which was my first red flag. In his resume he seemed to have more skills than one could imagine for his age, second red flag. Through following up with his references he gave, as well as contacting his pastor, it became clear that he was not being totally honest with me. Further conversations with him clarified some suspicions and eliminated him from being hired as part of the team.

With Kingdom building, it is not about filling positions but rather helping people flourish and grow into all that God desires of them. Therefore as a leader in a business or organization when you are hiring, first look inside and see if the position would further develop one of your employee’s (not a bystander). If you cannot fill from within then my next step would be to consider people you know from other sources. This may include getting a recommendation from someone you trust.

This proverb also relates when hiring someone to fix your car, build your house, provide financial services, choosing a school – don’t just “shoot at random”. Do some research and get some recommendations from people you trust who might give you insight on character, abilities and attitude. People with a Kingdom focused heart are ones you look for!

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