Ill-gotten Gains

October 28, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 28

“Income from charging high interest rates will end up in the pocket of someone who is kind to the poor”

Have you ever asked the question, “who determines what are ill-gotten gains, high interest rates, gouging prices or out of line salaries?”

In 1992, just after the Iron Curtain came down, My wife and I spent some time in Russia training Christians in camping ministry. In those days it was often difficult to find things you were looking for in the market or stores. One day as we were in town purchasing food for the camp when we came across a vendor who was selling ice cream cones by the case. We decided to buy some, take them back to the camp and sell them to the campers. Our cost was 4.5 rubles each (about 4.5 cents at the time) and so we decided that we would sell them for 5 rubles. One of the leaders was horrified that we would try to make a profit in this way. He felt that if we paid 4.5 rubles we should sell them for the same price. In our minds, we were not making a profit once time, transportation costs, and any damaged (melted) products were accounted for. From his perspective the actual amount paid to the vendor is what should be recouped. We believed we were being prudent and if there was any “profit” it would pay for other needs at camp.

It’s interesting to note that the camps in Russia we used were the former Pioneer Camps and the camps that were kept for the rich or the people with status in the Communist Government in days gone by. The campers that came to the camps we worked with often were so poor they would be fortunate to have a second set of clothes with them. They truly were the poor enjoying the camp facilities of the one time wealthy.

Coming back to the original question, God is the one who will ultimately determine what is fair and right. It may not be the amount that is as important as how those funds are used for His Kingdom!

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