Keep Your Eyes Open and Pray

February 7, 2017 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 7

“While I was at the window of my house, looking through the curtains…”

Although this chapter in the book of proverbs is a warning about being led astray by promiscuous living there is another interesting sidebar to look at. This verse above speaks of a person who is discretely making themselves aware of what is going on around them. They are in the safety of their home but are observing the outside world. From their vantage point they can see what is happening and the potential dangers others are walking into on their own accord.

This reminds me of how we can watch the news, or read it online and get very upset about all the wicked things that are happening in our world. Being just one person, it seems like there is nothing that we can do to stop the injustice and suffering we hear about. So what are we to do? We could just close the curtains, or ignore all news sources and isolate ourselves from thinking about it or we can keep our eyes wide open and pray. Could it be that God has given us the ability to discretely see what is happening in our world so that we can pray into these situations?

I remember my grandparents praying regularly for the fall of the Iron Curtain (the former communist Soviet Union) so that the people would hear the Good News of Jesus. My grandparents took an interest in the news that was coming out of that part of the world so that they could pray intelligently into that situation. They prayed for years that God would do a great work in Russia. I even remember them telling stories of Christians who would smuggle Bibles into Russia for the underground church where that congregation might not have one complete Bible between them. Both of them passed away to be with the Lord before the Iron Curtain came down but their prayers were answered. As their grandson, I, along with my wife, was able to see the fruit of their prayers and actually travel to Russia spending time help sharing about Jesus through Christian children’s camps. My grandparents looked through the window between the curtains of news, from the safety of their home and prayed for change in Russia.

Let me encourage you to respond differently than you normally might when hearing such news. First ask the Lord how He wants you to pray about that situation. Secondly pray specifically to God that what is wrong would be removed and the Kingdom of God would come to that situation. Even if you do not see change happen right away, keep praying! Thirdly, be open to what God might have you do as His ambassador in that situation. It may not be your grandson that ends up realizing the answer to your prayer… it may be you!

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