Know the Condition of Your Assets

February 27, 2017 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 27

“Know the state of your flocks, and put your heart into caring for your herds…”

I said to a fellow apiarist (Bee Keeper) recently, “Looking after bees would be a lot easier if those little creatures could just talk to us and tell us what is wrong.” Having beehives requires regular inspection to make sure they are healthy, have food and have proper circulation. There are so many problems that can arise with the bees and cause problems quickly that it is important to constantly know how they are doing. Many colonies have been destroyed from varroa mites which can quickly reproduce taking over the hive. To prevent this from happening the apiarist must check regularly to know how infected the hive is with these little parasitic mites and take measures to keep them in check.

The first year I had beehives, I wanted everything to be done naturally so I did not take steps to control varroa mites. I left the hives to figure things out for themselves. By mid fall I had lost one hive and the second one did not make it past late fall. The reason was I did not know the state of the hives nor did I provide what they needed. If I was better informed and taken appropriate action to protect them I would have had several strong healthy hives the next spring.

After such a loss, I take much better care of the new colony I purchased. I attend the local bee club to learn from others who have been caring for their hives for decades. I walk around the hives usually once a week. I also, open up the hive and check to see that they have food, the queen bee is laying eggs and there is not any moisture forming. If I see something out of the ordinary I now check with an experienced apiarist to see if they have any advice.

Whatever God has given you to steward, or look after, you need to do it diligently. If you have people that you are responsible for (including your children), take regular time to know how they are doing and what issues they may be struggling with. If you have been given wealth or other tangible assets take the time to make sure you know their condition. A vehicle needs regular oil changes and the right tires on according to the season. A house needs to have its air filters cleans or its gutters cleaned.

If you are married, take time with your spouse daily sharing each other’s joys, challenges and dreams. Spend regular time building into your relationship by doing things together. Encourage one another. Relationships that are not growing are probably not healthy. Know the state of your relationship and keep it healthy!

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