Lead Well

January 29, 2017 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 29

“A just king gives stability to his nation, but one who demands bribes destroys it.”

Those in positions of leadership whether it be in government, business, community or family, are responsible to provide an environment of peace and security. People rely on their leaders to look out for them. As a leader provides this stability and cares for those under them they are rewarded by further support given in return. But when a leader is only looking out for their own interest, the people will follow the example and chaos will result.

I am aware of kingdom businesses where leadership has worked hard on providing an excellent work place for their employee’s. They have listened to their workers and always tried to work with them. These workers in return have provided cost saving ideas. As a result the company is stronger and both leadership and employee’s benefit financially. There is a peace that rests on such businesses. Does this mean a company will be free of difficult challenges? No, but the difference is the employees know by past actions that their leadership will do the best they can for them and the company. Therefore it is much easier to resolve problems and even in some cases make them into an opportunity.

I have also seen businesses where leadership is so consumed with themselves that they have destroyed the company and the employment of their employees. In one case the ‘boss’ was more interested in his own glory and being seen as the ‘big guy’. Excellent tenders came in for him to accept on behalf of the company that would provide profitable work but because he wasn’t going to get anything extra out of it personally or it was beneath him, he turned it down. Eventually, employees left and the company went bankrupt. He did not provide stability for his employees.

For those who are responsible for providing leadership to others, how do you provide stability? How do they know that you are looking out for their best interests and do not show favoritism?

Ask the Lord to help you lead well so that those you are called to care for have a sense of stability and know that they are loved. Lead on and lead well!

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