Limit Risk

October 27, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 27

“A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”

The way a person limits risk is not only by doing their research on the potential dangers but also by taking the steps to limit any negative outcomes. On the other hand a foolish person carries on without taking the time to do their homework. They hear a persuading argument and agree with it not realizing that it will cost them much and provide great grief.

This world would want you to believe that humans are basically “good”. The fact is that there are so many scams and people only looking out for their own interest, that we need to be careful. Doing our do diligence, getting advice from a trusted adviser, and asking the Lord for guidance is essential.

Often when prudence is being talked about it is done in the context of finances. Although this is important, being prudent with our time, what we read or watch, activities we do or not do,who we spend time with is also important but often not thought about. Christian leaders sometime get themselves into trouble as a consequence of not being prudent in their family relationships, physical fitness or even taking a day of rest. For others, it is not being prudent in who they choose to spend time with and build friendships with. Will the people I spend time with encourage me to be all that I was made to be or live a mediocre life? Will they support, challenge and pray for me or do they drain and discourage my passions?

Just because something sounds good, feels good or seems to be good does not mean that it is. Take the time to do your research, see what scripture says, ask trusted advisers.

With Kingdombuilding.ca I work with leaders businesses and nonprofits who want to advance and maximize their potential in the Kingdom of God. I use this statement right up front with clients so that they know this is what I am about. I tell them that if they are not interested in advancing and maximizing their potential in the Kingdom of God then we are the wrong organization to work with them. As well, we often will do an initial interview, asking questions to see if they really do have this desire. We then let them know our expectations. It is our way of being prudent with the time and resources God has given us to steward.

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