My Father

June 4, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 4

…I, too, was my father’s son… My father taught me, ‘take my words to heart. Follow my commands, and you will live.”

Father’s Day is coming up this month, a time to honor fathers. Therefore I am focusing on my own father in this writing. Although he passed away almost three years ago his influence on my life and many others’ continues. Was he perfect? No, but he had a heart that was chasing after God’s heart.

He taught me how to saltwater fish, teach a Sunday School class, and help those in need. He demonstrated servant leadership and was always learning. Most of all, he studied God’s Word, the Bible. My Father desired to train me up to be a man who loved and served God and therefore provided opportunities and situations that would encourage this. I miss him as he was one of my mentors.

Even though I greatly appreciate all my father taught me and did for me there is One who is even greater and that is my Heavenly Father. His teaching is always perfect and His wisdom is exactly what I need in every situation. He is always watching over me and willing to provide everything that I need. When I need help (like every day), I can talk to Him through prayer and He answers.

My usual pattern is to ask God to help me as I go into a meeting. Recently, I had several meetings back to back so little time between them. The second meeting seemed to not be going in the direction it needed to be. I was starting to get a little concerned and frustrated. Then I realized I had not invited God into the meeting to help me. As the person across from me was speaking I quickly prayed, “Father, help me. I need you.” It was amazing how things changed very quickly and I was able to lead the conversation into a positive direction.

Take a few minutes to thank God for your father. We all have imperfect earthly fathers but see if there is something you can be grateful for. Then thank your Heavenly Father for all He is willing to do for you this day.

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