Nothing Is Too Big For Our God!

April 3, 2016 Non-Profit

Nehemiah 1:11 Please, Lord, let Your ear be attentive to the prayer of Your servant and to that of Your servants who delight to revere Your name. Give Your servant success today, and have compassion on him in the presence of this man (the King).

Have you ever wondered how on earth something could be accomplished that seemed far beyond your ability to hope for or imagine? Perhaps you are being challenged to participate financially in a personal or ministry vision that seems far beyond your ability to make happen.

Nehemiah was just such a man in that kind of a position. He was the cup bearer (personal servant, trusted confidant, and advisor) to the King. Nehemiah was living out his daily duties, when he had a conversation with his brother who told him that the walls of his native Jerusalem had been destroyed and his people were exiled. Nehemiah’s heart was troubled over the matter, fearing for his displaced people, wondering what he could do about this situation and if he could help in any way. Nehemiah, who was a man of prayer; took his plight to God.

We see as the story unfolds that Nehemiah was used greatly in this circumstance not only to head up the massive project of rebuilding Jerusalem’s walls but restoring the ways of God back to the people of God. Nehemiah was given favor by God and his employer the King to go on leave for 12 years to complete what seemed like an impossible task. God supplied everything and everyone needed to rebuild the wall for the regathering of His people. It was God’s plan from the beginning and Nehemiah was just the man for the job.

A few important things to note are that Nehemiah heard the plight and was moved with compassion for his people, and he took the matter to God. We see in this circumstance that God is moved by Nehemiah’s compassion for His people and that this circumstance was ordained by God according to His plan. This was not a building project thought up by Nehemiah but one that was already in the heart of God. Nehemiah would be an integral part of seeing it come to pass.

When faced with what seems like a daunting project, our job is to involve God and His heart in the matter. If the plan and project that we are entering into is God’s plan and project, then we can be assured that He will provide the people and the finances needed to see the job through to completion.

Talk to God, hear His heart for the matter; then move forward. Trust that all of your needs will be supplied and that the vision that you have been asked to participate in will come to pass with the help and provision that God will supply.

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