Occupation of Wisdom

October 2, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 2

“For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will fill you with joy.”

Notice in this proverb that wisdom is not only for the head but also the heart. When God’s wisdom moves from head knowledge to heart knowledge it will preserve us and bring much joy. The heart is the place of influence so if wisdom has come in then it will influence everything else.

I was talking to a person who suggested that God created this world, gave us principles to follow and then just left His creation to its own outcome. “Therefore,” he said, “people who followed biblical principles in their business and personal life will do well.” Let me suggest that this sells God, His Word and wisdom short. That was not the purpose of God creating the world. Yes following biblical principles should benefit the business or person but it is only skimming the surface of what God has for them and only has temporary value.

God desires a personal relationship with each child, teen and adult. A relationship where He is allowed to come into them and comfort, teach, guide and help. As we allow God’s wisdom to come into our hearts and not just be a set of rules or strategy for success, He will have authority to influence our decisions, our thoughts and our lives. We will be filled with joy even in the midst of tough times because we know that He is in control and will provide all we need.

One of the hardest things we find to do is to “let go and let God” take control of our lives. Surrendering our personal desires is sometimes hard even though we know it is the best thing to do. God desires our heart and wants to fill it with His Wisdom. Yes, He wants to occupy our heart, not just our head with His wisdom. The choice is ours to receive Him.

How have you found wisdom entering your heart not just your head? Do you desire more of God’s wisdom in your life? If yes, then you are open to His wisdom entering your heart!

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