Others Rights

March 22, 2017 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 22

“Don’t cheat your neighbor by moving the ancient boundary markers set up by previous generations.”

This proverb reminds the wise not to take advantage of others by invading their rights. Even when no one is looking, wisdom calls out not to steal from others.

When would a boundary marker be moved and why? An unwise person would move it when it is dark, when people aren’t around or when the owner is distracted. It is done in secret instead of through open and proper channels. The reason for moving the marker has more to do with selfishness than anything else.

When an agreement is made it is important to honor it but some will immediately try to change words or meaning to suit themselves. Sometimes one of the party uses their size or influence to take advantage of the smaller party. This is moving the boundary.

In business there are times a client will agree to the price for the service only to try to reopen the contract after the work is finished. The business may only receive partial payment even though they have completed their work.

I heard of a client who purchased a pool at the beginning of the summer and returned it in the fall for a refund after using it for 3 months because they didn’t want it anymore. Yes the company had a very generous return policy but this would be an example of taking advantage of them. The company sold the pool in faith that the customer would keep it. The customer received the benefit of using it but ended up not paying for the use of it.

Take time to consider if you are or have taken advantage inappropriately of someone or a business. Is there anything God is calling you to do about it?

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