Pathway of Life

January 10, 2017 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 10

“People who accept discipline are on the pathway to life, but those who ignore correction will go astray.”

Correction is often not something we want to receive as we are trying to do what is right already and it confirms that we didn’t hit the mark. Often our egos get in the way as we want to be seen as doing right. But none of us are perfect and we need to make adjustments and improve our ways.

When correction is given we need to both receive and apply it for it to provide value into our lives. To receive the corrective instruction but not implement the necessary changes will lead us further down the wrong path. Only when we “hear and do” will we receive the blessing in our lives that the corrective discipline was intended for.

I remember flying into a city to start a road trip, but had forgotten my GPS. I knew roughly where I was going but didn’t know the area. I stopped into a gas station to get a paper map. All they had was a cartoon style that was not to any type of scale. Less than 30 minutes after I headed out onto the road with my new map, I came to a dead end! The map seemed to show a road going through. I really don’t like asking for directions from strangers but I had to. I found a corner store and asked the clerk how to get to where I wanted to go. He gave me verbal directions which I quickly wrote down. Now at this point, I could have continued to try to follow the map I still had or accept and utilize the new directions the clerk gave me. Indeed I followed the new directions. I also stopped off at the next community and purchased a GPS so that I would not have the same problem later on in my trip. That little device was a great help during that trip as I traveled over 2000 kilometers.

God’s discipline in our lives is always for our good. As our Heavenly Father, He is watching us and wants to help us live the full life He created us to live and experience. His words of correction are spoken in love to protect, guide and keep us on the right path going in the direction we need to go.

Take time today to thank the Lord that He loves you so much and watches over you every moment of the day. Thank Him that He corrects you so that you will succeed and not fail. Ask Him if there is anything in your life that He would like to correct and give Him permission to do so.

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