May 24, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 24

“Do your planning and prepare your field before building your house”

As a child I could always find other things to do rather than my home work. Yes it was much more fun to play street hockey with friends than get done what I needed to. So what does a parent say, “First things first! Get your homework done then you can go out to play.”

When starting a business, long hours and hard work are usually required for success. Other things are put on hold until the business is up and running. It would not make sense to go on holidays the first day your business starts. Nor would it make sense to start a business without careful planning. You would want to know you have enough start up capital so that the business can last.

I have seen people start a business and because they are now business men feel they deserve expensive recreational toys. They will even go into debt to have them. After a few months when money is tight they do not have any reserves to lean back on. They soon go out of business.

There is nothing wrong with building a house but if you already have adequate shelter it is wiser to focus on the things that will provide your daily needs and future wants.

My wife and I use to take a weekend a year to get away and write down our 1, 3, 5, 10 year goals. It was always amazing to me how later when we reviewed them many were accomplished without much effort. There was something about writing them down and planning that made it so our day to day decisions brought us closer to accomplishing them.

Decide to take some time (With your spouse if you are married) to plan and work on goals. You will probably have personal goals and family goals.

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