“Quid non Deo juvante?” – What not by the help of God?

April 7, 2017 Kingdom Wisdom

“For the Kingdom of God is not just a lot of talk; it is living by God’s power” 1 Corinthians 4:20

Sir Titus Salt (1803-1876) understood from an early age that the only way to be successful was to rely on God’s power. Nothing of value could be done unless God was in it helping him. As a child his parents instilled in him the importance of praying, reading the Bible and making God’s wisdom his counsel. He was in the habit of spending time with God both in the morning and evening. His parents gave him a Bible and in it was written:

“To Titus Salt –
May this blest volume ever lie
Close to thy heart and near thine eye;
Till life’s last hour thy soul engage,
And be thy chosen heritage.”

When it was time for Titus to give his own children a Bible he wrote the same words in their Bibles as well.

When he had his coat of arms made up he had these words put on it, “Quid non Deo juvante?” translation “What not by the help of God?” He knew and believed that anything of value could only be done in God’s strength.

Titus was not known for his talks or writings, as he was a man of few words. He was known for being a hardworking business man who cared for people. His actions spoke loudly of his relationship with God. He saw what poor housing his employees were living in and decided to do something about it. Not only did he build them more suitable homes, he built a whole new community for them. He built schools for the kids as well as other institutions that would help the community.

This business man believed Proverbs 3:6 where it says, “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” God did direct his actions in loving and helping people and Titus knew clearly that what he was able to do was only because of God’s grace upon him. Titus understood that the wealth he had, was given to him by God and was for His work.

Kingdom leaders spend time daily with their King; praying, studying His word and then taking action by His power. Each of these three components are essential for leadership to be successful. Taking action without direction from the King and without His authority results in work of little value.

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