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February 22, 2017 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 22

“For it is good to keep these sayings in your heart and always ready on your lips.”

I remember my Grade 11 &12 Algebra classes in high school. It seemed like we had to memorize many important formulas and rules so that we could use them to solve mathematical problems. When it came time to write exams, the teacher did not give us the formulas on the paper; we had to remember them and know which one to use. Although I memorized them for the exam, I can’t say that I internalized them into my heart.

We need to internalize God’s wisdom and have it shape our hearts so that His sayings naturally come out of our mouth when needed. You probably remember WWJD or the “What Would Jesus Do” question that was very popular a few years back. That can be helpful in the process as long as we already know God’s wisdom and what He would have us do. Without this foundation, asking the question may only lead us to do what we ‘think’ Jesus would do.

So how do we hide God’s wisdom in our heart so that we can successfully solve problems? Let me suggest four steps you can take. The first is to tell God that you desire His way and will in your life and ask Him to guide you in your learning. The second step is to read strategically the Bible regularly. Once you have gone through the Bible once, do it again. The third step is to meditate on the passage you are reading. Ask yourself how it applies to your life and what changes God might want you to make. As I read through a passage I will often look for words, phrases or ideas that seem to be new or jump off the page at me. I then spend time thinking them through, asking the Lord to show me the truth He wants me to focus on. The last step is to memorize scripture, especially verses that you have been meditating on and studying. These four steps will help you keep His wisdom in your heart ready to come forth in your thoughts and mouth at the right time.

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