Rights of the Poor

July 29, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 29

“The godly care about the rights of the poor; the wicked don’t care at all.”

God takes caring for the poor seriously to the point of declaring it a sin if you deny them what is theirs. This is demonstrated in Deuteronomy 24: 14-15 “Never take advantage of poor and destitute laborers, whether they are fellow Israelites or foreigners living in your towns. You must pay them their wages each day before sunset because they are poor and are counting on it. If you don’t, they might cry out to the LORD against you, and it would be counted against you as sin.” The poor are to be treated fairly.

Some large businesses use their size to take undue advantage of smaller companies and employees. The leadership of these companies are only concerned for their own selfish desires. I am aware of one situation where the larger company rented from a smaller company a piece of equipment which they damaged. The larger company not only was unwilling to pay the rent but also unwilling to pay for the damage nor willing to give the equipment back. Their attitude was “sue us and we will draw out the case until you are out of money.” This is taking advantage of a company that does not have as deep of pockets. It is taking advantage of a company that is not as rich. Fortunately, after much prayer, the owner of the smaller company was put in contact with a Christian in the larger company who did what was right.

Around the world there are people who work hard but are poor. They are poor, not because they are lazy, but because they are payed inferior wages than in the west. Farmers are forced to sell their product to big companies at very low prices who turn around and sell them to consumers in the west at high prices. In recent years Fair Trade companies have started up who help farmers get a fair price for their product.

How is caring for the rights of the poor lived out in your life? Have you thought about this? Psalm 41:1 says, “Oh, the joys of those who are kind to the poor! The LORD rescues them when they are in trouble.” Do you want joy? True joy only comes from God by obeying Him.

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