Saved From The Immoral

December 2, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 2

“Wisdom will save you from the immoral woman, from seductive words of the promiscuous woman.”

How is it that wisdom will keep a person away from immoral relationships and actions? Is it because wisdom is all about the “do’s and don’ts”? Or is there more to it? Psalm 111:10 reminds us that it is much more than that. “Fear of the LORD is the foundation of true wisdom. All who obey his commandments will grow in wisdom. Praise him forever!” We must first revere, worship and recognize God’s supremacy and acknowledge that we have nothing to offer but He has everything to give us.

Fearing the Lord is relying on His strength, His power and His direction in our lives instead of our own. We therefore love Him so much that we want to obey every command and direction He gives. Our eyes are for Him, our time is for Him, and our thoughts are for His things not immoral actions. In a sense, we are so busy with loving God that we do not have time for immoral actions. This keeps us safe. This is God’s wisdom applied into our lives.

Have you ever bought something new, and read the manual where it says that if you use this product in such a way the warranty is void? Why do they tell you that? It is because the item was designed to be used in a certain way and if it is used incorrectly damage can occur. This is the same for us. We were made to worship, obey and have a relationship with God. We were not made to go against God. Notice back in the Garden of Eden in Genesis, everything was perfect. They did not have to deal with immoral acts until they questioned God’s direction with regards to eating of the fruit. They enjoyed living in God’s perfect wisdom up until that point because they obeyed Him.

The safest place to be, to protect yourself from immoral actions and people who want to take you down the path of destruction is to stay close to God. He loves you being close to Him, worshiping Him, relying on Him, being empowered by Him and living your life for Him. Why? Because this is what you were made for. You were not made for immoral actions, these destroy you!

Take time to thank the Lord that He loves you so much and He wants you to stay close to Him. Invite Him into every part of your life whether it be your work, your family, your recreation, or your friendships. Talk to Him throughout the day about both your struggles and joys. Invite Him into your whole life.

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