Seven Columns

January 9, 2017 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 9

“Wisdom has built her house; she has carved its seven columns”

The description that wisdom has built a house for itself gives the sense that there was and is nothing that is comparable. God’s wisdom stands on its own, being much greater and better than any wisdom you or I could ever come up with. That been said this house is immense. There is enough room for all who are willing to partake in God’s wisdom.

There are seven columns supporting the structure of the house. The number seven is equated with perfection, demonstrating that the building is strong and firm. Perfect wisdom created the solid columns that under gird the entire house. God’s wisdom will not deteriorate, break, or even fail over the years. It does not change.

Although it is not clear what each of the seven columns might represent, wisdom is needed in the seven sphere’s (mountains) of influence that are in our world today. These sphere’s are 1) Business, 2) Education, 3) Family, 4) Government, 5) Media, 6) Arts & Entertainment, 7) Religion. For wisdom to reach these mountains, Kingdom builders who have the King’s wisdom are needed to be climbing them and using it in these areas. Often the thought is that the only ‘really’ spiritual work is done in the “religion sphere” but that is not true. People who have their own business, or are teachers, or parents, or are involved in any of the seven sphere’s have the opportunity to do ‘real work’ for the Kingdom right where they are.

Consider for a moment any of the seven sphere’s and what happens when Kingdom builders are not in leadership roles in them. If God’s wisdom is not being brought into decisions that are made in that sphere, then unwise choices are going to be made. There needs to be strong Kingdom voices in Governments, the Media, the Arts & Entertainment and…

Which of the seven sphere’s do you most relate to or are involved in? God has put you in that sphere to bring His influence to it. You need to pray asking God to give you the courage to speak His wisdom into every situation you find yourself in on that mountain. Remember, do it with His strength and guidance, not your own.

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