Sit With the Wise

February 15, 2017 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 15

“If you listen to constructive criticism you will be at home among the wise.”

If you want to be wise then build friendships with the wise and spend time with them learning from them. Wise people spend time with wise people! Wise people learn from other wise people. Wise people are willing to receive constructive criticism. Wise people spend time with God, the all wise One!

In this proverb note that a wise person does not listen to destructive criticism or criticism that tries to tear them down.

I recently heard a story of a child in elementary school who was always getting into trouble. They were always active, moving around and doing things that irritated their teacher. The teacher would constantly tell them that they were bad because of their behavior. Many times the parents were called to the school to be told how bad their child’s behavior was. Eventually the child started to believe what was being said. The result was that the child became reclusive. Even in sports, rather than being the outgoing child she used to be, she would sit off to the side by herself and not participate. Eventually the parents connected up with a person who was wise in parenting. They started to learn how to provide positive discipline and encouragement to their child. The child was moved to different school that was supportive. Soon there was a change in behavior and attitude. This child was very smart and was bored with school. She was not doing things to get in trouble but rather doing things because she was not being challenged. Both the parent and child, once being with wise people, started to make positive changes and decisions.

As you look at your own journey in life, who are the people that provided wise constructive criticism to you and how have you responded to them? I encourage you to spend regular time with wise people and be open to their encouragement.

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