Speak Wisely

January 15, 2017 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 15

“The tongue of the wise presents knowledge well…”

Have you ever experienced giving or receiving too much advice? You may have been in a situation where someone comes to you for help, based on your experience or expertise, and you are eager to give it! You quickly go on and on covering every base of the person’s situation, giving them advice that will solve everything, telling them exactly how to go about it too! Why waste time? You have the knowledge, you will give it to them. But soon you discover that instead of the person looking happy that they have been “sorted out”, they seem discouraged. Rather than being helped they are overwhelmed with “information overload” and leave your quasi presentation with their head spinning! Or maybe you have been on the receiving end of unwanted advice. The person giving the solution to your “problem” may have combined it with an element of truth but given it in a very harsh or hurtful way. Instead of being excited to implement their ideas you now feel depressed.

It is one thing to give people information but it is altogether another thing to present it in a way that people understand, receive and are able to apply it to their problem or need.

God shows us an appropriate way. He explains that people will be equipped, built up and encouraged when the advice that is given is spoken in love. Love is looking out for the interest of the other person rather than just showing what we know. Love is making sure that the knowledge you are giving is understood and received. Love is asking God for not only what to say to a person but also when and how. Maybe you are to say nothing but just pray for their situation.

If you have been hurt by some unwanted advice, forgive the person because their harshness has more to do with their own wounds in life than with a problem they see in yours. Take the situation to the Lord and ask Him to reveal the truth to you and what can be done about it. The Holy Spirit is the perfect presenter of wisdom.

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