Strong Fortress

March 18, 2017 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 18

“The name of the Lord is a strong fortress; the godly run to him and are safe.”

The character of a person determines how dependable and trustworthy they are when we are in need. Kingdom people run to the King in times of need because they know they will be protected and cared for. He will give those who are in need of rest, a quiet and safe place to recover. Those who need food He will provide for them.

In some translations, instead of using the word fortress it uses the word tower. When I think of a tower I think of something that rises above the tree line and can be easily seen from anywhere. Growing up, there was a yellow water tower that we could easily see from a distance. If we were out in the boat fishing it stood out 100’s of feet from the ground. My understanding is that the top of the tower was the top of the water dam that was several miles up in the mountains. As we walked the beach you could see the tower. The Lord being a tower gives the idea that we can easily see where safety is, and run directly to it.

Notice that the godly run to Him. They do not slowly wander towards Him but move as quickly as they can. The godly want to be in the safest place possible and that is where the King is. Also notice that they don’t run in all different directions but instead directly to the King. There focus is on the King knowing that where He is, is the safest and best place to be. In times of trouble, they don’t try to figure things out on their own but instead go to the one who will provide what they need.

Sometimes seemingly little things come up and we automatically try to deal with them on our own. We struggle and get frustrated all the while the King is calling us to allow Him to provide what we need. We often don’t hear Him because we think it is too small of an issue to take to God or we have not disciplined ourselves to always go to God first. We can take everything to Him in prayer.

Being godly means to quickly (run) take everything to the King who will protect and provide. He is dependable and trustworthy. There is none who is stronger, wiser or more powerful.

Let me encourage you to live a godly life today by always going as fast as you can to the King!

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