Taking Advantage or Defending

September 23, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 23

“Don’t cheat your neighbor by moving the ancient boundary markers; don’t take the land of defenseless orphans.”

I remember hearing a story from the Great Depression when farms became dust bowls and crops were unable to grow. Many farmers had their house, land and equipment sold off by the bank to pay for the debt. In some cases, families did not have anywhere to go. In one case, the farmers equipment was being auctioned off by the bank. The farmer’s neighbours got together ahead of time and agreed that taking his equipment in an undervalued market would not be fair. They also agreed that if this farmer did not have his equipment he would lose his livelihood.

When the auction started only one neighbour bid and the rest stayed quiet. The auctioneer tried to get people to bid but they already had decided that once the equipment had been bought at the auction it would be given back to the farmer. All the equipment was purchased for a few cents. In this way they helped their neighbor who could not help himself. He and his family survived the depression years because of the wisdom and grace of his neighbours.

In life there are times when “good deals” come up because of misfortune of others. It is in those times consideration needs to be given to making sure we are not, “moving the ancient boundary markers …of the defenseless.” There are times when, no fault of their own, people find that they are destitute and need help from others. What a great opportunity as Kingdom builders to step in and demonstrate the love the King has for them!

Take time and ask the Lord to show you any situation where you need to be careful not to “move ancient boundary markers of the defenseless.” This may be in a present situation you are facing or down the road.

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