Think Before You Act

December 13, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 13

“Wise people think before they act; fools don’t-and even brag about their foolishness.”

Years ago I served as the Program Director for a Christian camp where we hired over 100 young adults each summer. They would all arrive at camp before the summer program started and we would have 10 days to provide training and get them working together before campers arrived. One of the the tools we used to make this happen were ‘initiative tasks’ or group building activities. We would take a group of 8-12 of them and tell them that together, as a team they would have to complete various tasks. One activity usually started off with a permanent staff telling them an imaginary story which included a big, furry, deadly spider that was asleep up the tree and would waken if the giant web was touched or time ran out before the team could sneak through.

It was interesting to sit back and watch how the group handled the challenge. There would always be a few who would immediately start into the activities without thinking things through. Then there would be the followers would would do whatever the first group said. In almost every group there would be one or two who would stand back quietly and eye up the situation. They would think things through and then when the first group had failed at their attempt would step up and give their suggestion of how to solve it. Almost always the team was able to do the task successfully and quickly.

There are so many times that we face decisions and forget to stop and think things through. How much time is wasted when we put our heads down and try to bull through things instead of stopping to, consider the options and even invite God to guide and direct us. Since wisdom is from God, and we need wisdom in every situation, it makes sense to go to Him first and not rush into anything.

Thinking before taking action also gives the opportunity to better understand the situation and potential consequences of an uninformed decision.

Before you take actions today stop and think through it from God’s perspective (wisdom) first. Enjoy His guidance in your life!

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