To All

November 8, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 8

“I call to you, to all of you! I raise my voice to all people.”

Do you realize that God’s wisdom is not just for an elite group of people, the goody two-shoes, North Americans or pastors? It is available to the poorest uneducated criminal whose life is a disaster in a foreign land as much as it is to the wealthiest statesman. God desires that all people would hear His good news and receive all that He has provided for them. He knows that none deserve it because all of sinned. He knows that none could afford to buy what He offers but all desperately need it. Though it cam at a great cost, He freely gives it. We have to choose to receive it as a gift, not attempt to work for it.

The word “all” includes a lot of people. In fact it includes every child, teen and adult living on every continent of the world. All is all! There are none who are excluded from this offer. Just to make this clear this proverb says, “I raise my voice”. The only reason someone raises their voice is to make sure everyone who is their audience hears the message being given.

So how does God raise His voice so that people who do not have His Word, the Bible, are able to receive all He has for them? Good question! Once a person hears, receives and comes into the Kingdom of God, they are so thankful and blessed that they want to obey their King. The King sends them out to tell others about this good news. He calls them to “go and make disciples of all the nations…” What is a disciple? It is one who hears, receives, comes into the Kingdom and then becomes a servant of their King.

Yes, some are called to move to another country to share the good news while others are called to go to their own community and share the good news. Some are even called to write daily devotions that focus on “Kingdom Wisdom” to encourage “all” to receive God’s wisdom.

Take time to consider before your King how He is calling you to help “all” to hear the good news.

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