The Importance Of Having A Vision Budget

March 16, 2016 Church, Kingdom Building Ministries, Non-Profit

When the term “Budget” or “Financial Statements” is mentioned, many peoples eyes glaze over and they immediately tune out. Inner They don’t understand financials and do not see how they relate to “the real work” that a church or ministry is doing. Yet, without such important documents being understood, an organization can quickly run into trouble. Having a budget that reflects and casts the vision becomes not only useful but people start to understand the value.

A Vision Budget helps make a budget and financial statements more understandable to the average person as it uses categories and line items that demonstrates the purpose and vision of the organization. A person can quickly see the dollar amount needed or spent to meet a particular part of the vision. Instead of wholesale MLB jerseys being like a foreign language, having a Vision Budget can help people better see and understand “their part of the ministry” being funded and fulfilled.

Here Is A Case Study

The vision of Reach The World For Christ Church (RTWFCC) is to evangelize, train and send people out into their city, country and the world. Their Vision Budget demonstrates their vision using the areas identified in it. Below is an example of their expense accounts.


  • Evangelism
    • Children
    • Youth
    • Adults
  • Training (Discipleship)
    • Children
    • Youth
    • Adults
  • Missions
    • Local
    • Global
  • Vision Support
    • Facilities
    • Utilities
    • Staff Salaries

You will notice that Evangelism, Training, and Missions are all part of RTWFCC’s vision as well as key categories in the expense list. This demonstrates how the financial documents are tied directly to the vision and therefore the вещей, ministries that the prices members are involved in.

Although “Vision Support” is not directly in the of vision, it’s easily understood that it is needed to help ensure the other three areas are fulfilled. If an organization wanted to, they could divide up all of the vision support expenses into the other three categories but this would be cumbersome and time consuming.

Even if someone doesn’t necessarily have an interest in financial statements, having the expense accounts reflect Top the vision wholesale MLB jerseys statement helps to easily see how funds are being spent in order to ultimately accomplish “the real work”. A person can quickly determine what percent is being spent in each category to meet the vision. Instead of it being a document with little meaning, it becomes a clear document and a reason to financially support the organization, thus the vision.

Next time you go to prepare your budget consider making it a Vision Budget, understandable to all individuals in your organization as well as those who support it. If you would like to further discuss this topic, or would like a presentation given to your board, please feel free to contact us.

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