Wisdom Flowing

November 18, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 18

“Wise words are like deep waters; wisdom flows from the wise like a bubbling brook.”

I attended a very large gathering of people who were wrestling with an issue, debating back and forth with many opinions, views and perspectives. People would go to a microphone, wait for the moderator to identify them for their turn to speak and share their thoughts on the subject. Many people spoke and it seemed like we were not getting anywhere on the issue. Then one man stood up, quietly walked over to the microphone and waited his turn to speak. Some people who were in front of him, stepped aside to allow him to get to the microphone first. As the moderator acknowledged that it was this man’s turn to speak there was a hush over the gathering. Everyone wanted to hear what wisdom he was going to share. In his quiet and grandfatherly tone he spoke specifically to the issue and gave clear direction on what needed to take place. He then turned, walked back to his seat and sat down. All those who had been in line ready to speak next, also turned around and sat down. Wisdom from a deep rich place had been spoken which washed over the gathering. There was nothing else to do but pass the motion. He was a humble man but a very wise man who walked closely with His Lord.

To be able to speak wise words we need to be in the Word (the Bible) regularly, storing up God’s truth deep in our hearts. We need to be living God’s wisdom out in our own lives daily and relying on Him not our own thinking. We need to see things how God sees them and not through our own weak view.

There have been so many times that I have been in situations where I have been asked to speak into a situation. In those instances, I have quickly asked God to give me the wisdom needed for the people and He has provided it (see James 1:5). I have been amazed at the words and scriptures that have come out of my mouth during these times. I don’t take any credit for them as it was God who provided. I have felt like a conduit in which God’s wisdom had the opportunity to flow through to the people needing the wisdom. I am so thankful for Him using me in this way.

The other thing to notice in this proverb is how wisdom flows. It is not stagnant but always flowing over to those who need it. It is not to be held in a bucket just for one’s own personal use but rather to be spoken over every situation, and every relationship all the time. There is never a time when the brook should be stopped up and allowed to go dry. Let wisdom flow.

Where does God’s wisdom fit in your life? How do you allow it to flow over your life and others? When have you been thankful to God for His wisdom.

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