Wisdom, the Great Architect

February 8, 2017 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 8

“The Lord formed me from the beginning, before he created anything else…I was the architect at his side. I was his constant delight, rejoicing always in his presence.”

Years ago I remember being introduced to an architect who was being considered for a major building project we were doing. Both myself, and our contractor met with him together to talk through the project. As we went to the meeting I remember thinking that I didn’t know the architectural industry language and therefore hoped I would be able to understand the answers to the questions I had. Within a few minutes into our meeting all that faded away as this architect was able to speak both to the contractor in construction terms and myself in laymen’s terms. To him there was not a dumb question and he always took the time to make sure I understood what was being discussed.

Once hired, this architect provided a service that was far beyond what I expected. His design took the practical needs, financial constraints and the aesthetic values into consideration. During construction, he made sure all the little details of his design and codes were followed. He kept his eye on everything and would not sign off on any part until he was totally satisfied that it was accurate. He made sure that not only he was satisfied with the work but we were as well.

In Proverbs 8 we see that God is the one who made wisdom, is the source of wisdom and was actively involved in creating this earth. Wisdom made sure that the bodies of water were kept separate from the land. Without this happening, the earth would stay covered in water and we would not be able to survive. Wisdom made sure that there were clouds in the sky which would bring water to the land to provide rivers and streams.

Since wisdom was involved in putting creation together as the architect in the past, wisdom is just as important today to make sure things work as they ought to. This is why following wisdom in our own lives is so important. Wisdom knows things that we might not understand but is the best way of doing things.

I am so glad that when we were doing the building project we had a good architect (who also followed God’s wisdom). For my own life, I am so glad that I can have wisdom to guide my life for the best results!

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