Wise Leadership

October 29, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 29

“If a ruler pays attention to liars, all his advisers will be wicked.”

As I provide consulting services for organizations I tell leadership that if they have a healthy board they will have a healthy organization. The opposite is true as well, if a board is turmoil, the organization will be as well. The health of leadership, whether it be in a home, nonprofit organization, church or business, is crucial for maximizing their potential. Those leaderships that are Kingdom focused will be listening to the King, obeying and leading as the King would. Therefore they will be healthy!

An organization can have an excellent product, excellent staff who are dedicated, and even loyal customers but if the leadership is fighting with each other, protective silo within the organization will escalate, or the vision (which the board is responsible for) will be lost, it will eventually be a weak organization. Soon the product will no longer have the quality and care put into it, staff will be disillusioned with the organization and leadership will soon turn on themselves when a challenge arises.

The same scenario is true within a family structure. Parents that do not have a healthy relationship with each other will create stress on the children and other family members. They all will loose the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

Corruption and dysfunction usually starts from the top and seeps down. It doesn’t take long before those of like mind, unscrupulous people, find each other together at the top. Their purpose is to get the most out of their position, not lead well.

Years ago I watched a company that had a unique product required by many, start up and begin to grow. The leadership of the company was not honest and seemed to have a pride issue. As staff were hired, they reflected the same values (or lack of them). Within three years they went bankrupt and it was all over. They had the right product, there was a need for the product, there were customers who wanted it but because of leadership dishonesty the doors were closed. What a shame.

As you find yourself in a leadership role, choose to be careful who you hire around you and who you listen to. Pharaoh listened to a man in jail -Joseph who was led by the Holy Spirit, and Naaman listened to his wife’s servant girl – a captive girl from Israel who honored her master. Would you not agree with me that listening to these two people of God was wise? Both provided wisdom for leadership.

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