Wise Leadership

September 11, 2016 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 11

“Without wise leadership, a nation falls; there is safety in having many advisers.”

One of the reasons Kingdom Daily Wisdom is written is because of this proverb. Each person who reads this provides some level of leadership. For parents it is obvious that you are responsible to provide godly leadership in your home. For students, God has given you a sphere of friends and fellow students to influence through your leadership ability. For business owners, managers, teachers and supervisors, your wise leadership will produce a positive environment for those you are responsible for.

A Kingdom building leader is one who seeks wisdom from their King. They make wise decisions because they first bring challenges and opportunities to Him to get His direction. The King may have one of His people communicate and help guide a leader in wisdom.

Godly mentors and advisers have been key in my life. God has blessed me with several men over the years who have spoken into my life when I have needed wisdom. Once I heard their words I knew that they were from God and often could identify bible verses immediately that backed them up. I am thankful to my King for the wisdom He has provided.

You are a leader in some capacity. Even if you are the only Christian in your work place or school, you have spiritual leadership there. Every leader needs mentors and advisers. God has not put you in your leadership position to go it alone. He, your King, wants you to make wise decisions as a leader in His Kingdom and has given you others to help you. The question is, “Will you receive these advisers God is wanting you to use?” Many leaders struggle with that question because of pride or fear in their life. Both of these things create an environment where unwise decisions are made by a leader (If you want examples, look at some of the leaders in the Old Testament who failed and see why they failed).

If you have godly advisers and mentors in your life already, thank God for them and ask Him to use them in even greater ways in your life so that you continue to provide wise leadership which brings much honor to the King! If you do not have such people, first ask God to bring them into your life and secondly start looking to see who God has provided but you have not yet recognized as advisers/mentors.

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