Work With Those Who Are Willing

March 9, 2017 Kingdom Daily Wisdom

Book: Proverbs 9

“Anyone who rebukes a mocker will get an insult in return. Anyone who corrects the wicked will get hurt. So don’t bother correcting the mockers; they will only hate you. But correct the wise, and they will love you.”

One of the first principles of discipleship that my wife and I were taught by our mentor, Pastor Tom, was to always test and see if the person was ready to receive wisdom. This would be done by giving them some small assignment that fit with their interest and learning ability. I have met many people who have said that they need help but when it has been offered have not followed through, made excuses or even argued against getting help. These people are not ready, willing or able to receive direction and help. When unwanted coaching, consulting or advice is given it is returned in some form of personal attack.

I enjoy working with those who are wise and have a deep desire to have input into their lives. These people are quick to receive correction, suggestions and direction. They demonstrate their appreciation for the coaching by acknowledging its value to them. But it even goes farther than that. These people also have expressed their love to us through their actions. An example of this happened recently when we at Kingdombuilding.ca sensed a need to gather some people together to pray for breakthrough for this work. Some of these people jumped at the opportunity to gather with us to spend a couple hours praying together and seeking God’s guidance. My wife and I were humbled by their expression of love in this way.

Not everyone is ready or willing to be served. Some have to go through harder times before they come to the realization that God has put us on earth in community so that each can serve another. A person who was not ready six months ago may be ready today to receive help or it may take them another 6 years before they come to that point. Your job is to work with those who are willing to be served. It is important to be clear on this because those who are not ready can take up vast amounts of time and energy without any results. There are people around you who are open to help and are ready to receive the wisdom God has given you. It is your responsibility to find them. You will find great joy in serving those who are wise and receive your help with open arms.

Take time to ask the Lord who He wants you to invest His wisdom into? Then test to see if they are ready by meeting with them and giving them some small assignment. Tell them to contact you when they have finished so that you can chat about it. Do this several times and you will quickly find out those who are willing and those who are not.

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